Delgrosso’s/Marianna’s Hoagies and Pizzas Fundraiser for West End Library

Get delicious Delgrosso’s/Marianna’s hoagies and pizzas through West End Library’s fundraiser in time for your Memorial Day picnic. Hoagies and pizzas are $9.00 each.


14″ FAMOUS HOAGIES (now with 20% more meat and cheese): Italian, All American, Ham & Swiss, Ham Club, Roast Beef, Turkey, Smoked Ham & Cheese, Traditional and Three Cheese


12”  DELICIOUS PIZZAS: Pepperoni, White, and Cheese.


Visit the West End Library or Call 570-922-4773 to place your order now through Wednesday, May 17 by 6:00 pm. Orders can be picked up Friday, May 26 after 2:30 pm. Pizzas can be frozen and heat well in the oven.


The funds generated from this fundraiser are used to assist with the expenses associated with the adult and children’s programs.