Every day, our library is inspiring curiosity, imagination, knowledge and growth.

I recall a day, our Children’s Librarian, Mary Harrison, walked into my office in tears. She had just had an encounter with Owen, a six-year-old regular library visitor.


When Owen was a toddler, he was diagnosed with developmental delays. He became highly agitated when others would come near him or try to interact with him in any way. His therapists and teachers suggested that his parents bring Owen to the Public Library for Union County to help with his social development skills.


Owen’s mom brought him to several library programs and noticed gradual changes. “Owen became more comfortable in social situations. He became better able to tolerate things that were new to him. He learned to accept and even enjoy others being near him,” she wrote me. “Owen attended ABC Play with Me and the Kindergarten readiness program, which helped him to see what kindergarten would be like. The library programs reinforced the joy and value of reading and helped to fuel his love of books. He loved story time with Miss Mary. She was so kind and patient with Owen and allowed him to participate when he felt comfortable to do so.”


Our ReImagine, ReFresh, RePurpose campaign is making changes to our building that will help us to continue to be the place where adults and children can learn and grow and reach their potential. The links below provide more details about the project.

On that particular day, Owen wasn’t in the Library with his mom. He was here on a school visit – a part of the Library’s partnership with the local school district. Miss Mary hadn’t seen Owen for a few months, but that did not stop him from walking up to her with confidence and asking for a book about planets. After giving him several books from which to choose, Mary came into my office with those tears of joy! She was amazed at Owen’s transformation and was convinced the Library had a hand in his development. Mary had just witnessed how a toddler, once frightened to be in a room with strangers, could become a confident, inquisitive, six-year-old.


Owen’s story is one of many I could tell. The Public Library for Union County serves people in a variety of situations and life stages. Young and old, hurting, lost, looking for a job, unable to access the Internet, needing help with learning, or searching for information. We are often told we make a real difference – helping people find what they need, learn something new or connect with the world.


I am writing today because we need your support. Our ReImagine, ReFresh,
RePurpose campaign is making changes to our building that will ensure we continue
to play an important role in education and access for people of every age and
background in our community. Nearly half of our project cost can be covered
through two grants we have received. Both grants require a dollar-for-dollar match
from our community.


The deadline to meet that match is quickly approaching. As of this writing, we have already raised $781,425 toward our $900,000 fundraising goal. Your pledge of support or gift is critical to reaching the goal by the matching deadline, March 31.


Libraries change lives just like Owen’s, every day. Please help us in our efforts to be the community destination for early literacy initiatives and lifelong learning opportunities by using this form to make your pledge or by donating online today. With your support, the Public Library for Union County can make the changes that position us to play an important role in education and access for people of every age and background in our community. Thank you very much.



Roberta Greene
Library Director


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